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An original character I made, for once.  Read about her adventures on Pastebin.

As her story is set during the 30 Years’ War, I mostly patterned her design off the outfits of the landsknecht mercenary soldiers whose efficiency was matched only by their flamboyance.  But to add some unique flavor of her own, I added the swooping shoulders and fluting characteristic of Maximilian armor, as well as a short cape and a front cloth thing.  Her breastplate is based on the Japanese muneate and adds an asymmetry that makes itself felt in small ways through her whole design.  Her sword, too, is nontraditional—rather than the small and agile rapiers favored by real soldiers of the period, she uses a stylized executioner’s sword.  When you’re a magical girl in a time of chaos and brutality, you do what you want.

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